RPI believes that providing accurate, proven, and current information and techniques is the best and only way to instruct. The RPI Instructors are chosen on their knowledge and experience as well as how they can relay this information to the beginner student all the way to the advanced student.

Many members of the RPI training staff are certified fire instructors, many teach for their local fire academies and departments, and many of the instructors draw from their own experiences in the field to provide real-life proven information. Our instructors haven’t just read a book about what we teach! OUR instructors have operated at multiple alarm fires, High Rise fires, fires involving MAYDAY’s, building collapses, high-angle rope rescues, crane collapse emergencies, confined space incidents, intricate HAZMAT and WMD incidents, live trench rescues, man-in-machine incidents, and SCUBA operations.

Many of the RPI staff have responded to major world impacting incidents such as the WTC Rescue and Recovery, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, Superstorm Sandy, and the Miracle on the Hudson. RPI is proud to have the staff of instructors that we are able to choose from.


RPI has been the Industry Leader in providing Personal Escape System Training since 2007. From the original RPI Escape System to the modernized Phoenix Escape System, we have been keeping firefighters safe for over 15 years. And even though the Escape System itself is an incredible piece of equipment, our top-of-the-line instructors take the whole experience to the next level. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our team of instructors not only teach the programs, they help develop the curriculum. Although we prefer to work with the RPI authorized systems, we do offer certified instruction for multiple manufacturers across the Country.

We have plenty of location options to conduct the training at. Your fire house, a certified training academy, an acquired structure or with the use of one of RPI's two mobile training props. We schedule 30+ days in advance to ensure the proper facility, equipment, and instructors lined up for a successful training session..

Contact the RPI Escape Training team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit a request below.

RPI offers different levels of training based on your department's needs.

Initial End User Training:

The personal escape system authorized end user program will educate the firefighter on the proper use & deployment of the personal escape system. This class consists of a classroom session and a hands-on session which will require the students to be put through several simulated situations requiring them to deploy their personal escape system. A case study review on the FDNY Black Sunday incident will also be delivered during the program.

Annual Refresher Program:

The annual refresher program is intended to reinforce previously learned skills and techniques with regards to the deployment of the members' personal escape system. Students will be put through several simulated situations requiring them to display proficiency in the use of their personal escape system.

Train the Trainer Program:

The personal escape system train-the-trainer program will educate the instructor on the proper use and instructional process of their personal escape system. This class consists of a classroom and hands on session that includes situations warranting PES use, anchor options, packing of the system, & deployment techniques. Instructional techniques will also include safety procedures, trouble shooting, and teaching skills. Completion of this training will only authorize department instructors to deliver the training to their respective department, not other agencies.



Annual Refreshers - Bloodborne Pathogens, HAZMAT Awareness, HazCom (Right To Know) - 3 hour lecture

Initial & Annual bailout training for multiple personal escape systems, including the RPI Original and new Phoenix System, RIT AL, Sterling, CMC Escape Artist, and Petzl.

Confined Space Rescue
Awareness Lecture (Refresher or Initial) - 3 hours
Operations (Refresher or Initial) - 12 - 24 hours
Technician - 24 hours

HAZMAT Programs
HAZMAT Awareness Initial Program - 3 hour lecture
HAZMAT Ops - 8 hour lecture and hands on
HAZMAT Gross Decon - 3 hours

Moving Water Rescue (minimum of 12 students)
Awareness - 3 hour lecture
Operations - 16 hours hands on
Technician - 16 hours hands on

Ice Rescue (minimum of 12 students)
Awareness - 3 hour lecture
Operations - 10 hours hands on
Technician - 10 hours hands on

RIC Programs
Awareness - 6 hour lecture
Operations - 3 hours hands on (Options include Pittsburgh Drill, drags and carry’s , RIC Pack familiarization, Response, Staging, & Size Up, customized programs for vacant structures)

Vehicle Rescue Programs
Awareness - 3 hour lecture
Operations - 24 hours hands on
Technician - 24 hours hands on
Stabilization - 10 hour lecture & hands on
Advanced and refresher programs available upon request

Start with a 3 hour lecture to help familiarize your department with basic standpipe operations, adapters, high rise packs, and tactics.

Apply your knowledge and hook up to our exclusive standpipe prop! This 3 hour hands on program gives your members the ability to train without visiting a local training facility. Maximize the experience by utilizing a parking garage or open space and flow water!

Book both programs together for only $1095!

This in depth program utilizes the Exclusive RPI Standpipe Prop and Appliance Bag. This portable prop can be brought to your firehouse or training area and allow members to rotate hooking up, advancing lines and practice the correct pump pressures from their apparatus. Designed by members of the FDNY, this program will touch on many difficulties and real world situations that have helped to advance the proficiency of high rise and apartment fires. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information.

SCBA Refresher
Lecture - 3 hours
Hands on - 3 hours

Ground Ladders
Hands on - 3 hours

Man Vs Machine
Lecture - 3 hours
Hands on - 8 hours

Elevator Emergencies
Lecture - 3 hours (Standard and Custom programs available)

Building Construction
Standard Lecture - 3 hours
Custom Lecture or “On the Road” - 3 hours

Collapse Rescue
Awareness - 3 hour lecture
Operations - Heavy Lifting & Moving - 12 hours
Operations - Emergency Shoring- 24 hours

Trench Rescue Awareness
Lecture - 3 hours
Operations - 20 hours
Technician - 20 hours
Advanced Trench Shoring - 20 hours

Standpipe Operations
Lecture - 3 hours
Hands on with custom prop - 3 hours

Rope Rescue Programs
Rope Rescue Awareness - 3 hour lecture
Rope Rescue Operations - Low Angle - 24 hours
Rope Rescue Operations - High Angle - 24 hours
Rope Rescue Technician - 24 hours
Wide Area Search - 3 hour lecture & 3 hour hands on
Urban Lead Climbing - 16 hours hands on

Safety & Survival Programs
Lecture - 3 hours
Hands on - 3 hours or more

Customized Drill Night Schedule
Available in Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Custom Schedules